Massage Union MO

Massage Union Mo Starts Here

We receive a number clients coming to visit us from Union Mo. Luckily it’s only a short 15 minute drive to our studio. To find a Massage Union mo location near you can be hard especially on weekends. Many people from the city of Union enjoy getting out of town and visiting our country studio to recharge their batteries. Being set in a beautiful country scenery I think is very relaxing for visitors to come to visit us vs. a typical strip mall type massage location where it’s typical and not so in touch with nature.

Some people probably would like going to a fancy type salon in a strip mall, but our ideal client is more likely to be someone that enjoys spending time outdoors, eating organic, exercising etc. I think people either love or hate us based on their taste or maybe their expectation.

Union Mo Massage that’s NOT a fast food massage

“You guys take your time, not like the other massage chains I’ve been to ” -Jacob R. 

I had a bit of a chuckle the other day when two women showed up for massages and it would seem by the look on their faces they might not have looked closely at hour website or business listing photos. I’m guessing they were probably expecting one of those franchise type establishments at the strip mall. But after getting their massage they were much more relaxed and left a tip and said they’d be back, the one nice lady said it was the best massage she ever had. That put a smile on my face, mostly because I don’t do this for the money but I truly enjoy helping people feel better. Sometimes you have to try things that are a little different to see what’s out there I suppose is the moral of the story.

Our studio isn’t too far from the city of Union, we’re less then 15 minutes away. You can come right up route 47 and we’re just down highway 100 a few minutes.

New location coming to Union?

I’ve been considering possibility opening another location in Union since it would be closer drive for clients in that area. It seems there’s demand for a massage therapist in that area willing to take clients same day and on weekends. Maybe this winter I’ll start exploring around town and see what sort of spaces I see available and see who on our team might want to staff that location starting in the spring. Union might make sense too because we could also more easily service our St. Clair customers, that would certainly cut down their drive time.

The Adventures of a Natural Massage Spa near Union Mo

I use to work out of a STL in my first studio location, but I grew tired of the city and enjoy working in smaller towns like Union, less traffic, people are more laid back and relaxed for the most part. I’ve enjoyed living and working in the Franklin county region since coming here last year, the country life suits me much better then the city life I must say and I always have interesting animals running around the house to entertain me and the clients haha.

One idea I was bouncing around with the Charrette staff is crediting clients their trip time and gas cost. It would be an extra incentive for people having to drive a little further to get to us. I’m not sure how’d we’d implement it maybe people have to take a picture from where they are starting to verify it haha. So coming from  Union, Mo for a massage we’d take $X off their massage or something. Or maybe massage gift card for a loved one or friend etc.