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Our Massage Services

  • Swedish Massage – $60/hr
  • Deep Tissue Massage – $70/hr
  • Medical Massage – $75/hr
  • Lymphatic Drainage – $60/hr
  • Myofascial Release – $70/hr
  • Pregnancy Massage – $60/hr
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage – $60/hr
  • Thai Yoga Massage – $85/hr
  • Craniosacral Therapy – $60/hr
  • Reflexology – $63/hr
  • Sports Massage – $70/hr

Massage Washington MO, Union MO, Pacific, MO, and Saint Clair Mo

Charrette massage therapy, serving Washington, Union, Pacific, St Clair Missouri Summertime at Charrette Massage Therapy Studio, hummingbirds, sun and warmth!  quite relaxing massage Washington mo

Thank you for visiting Charrette Massage Washington MO, we’re located just 8 minutes from center of Washington MO, located on a beautiful 17 acre historic nature site in Washington which makes for a calming and relaxing atmosphere for a massage treatment. You’ll see and hear many different flora and fauna unique to Washington when you visit our massage studio. When we first envisioned Charrette Massage we wanted to find a location that takes it’s inspiration from nature, as that influences a lot of our work, we wanted our visitors to feel restored and well after a visit with us, we think you’ll find it beautiful and relaxing when you visit us. The Japanese think that nature is such an important part of relaxation and healing that they call a hike in the woods a “nature bath”.

We love helping people feel there best, that is our motivation and why we do what we do, you can be assured that we have your wellness and relaxation at heart when receiving a massage from us.

Massage Spa in Beautiful Natural Setting Nearby Washington MO

Natural spa massage Washington MO
A visit from our local resident hummingbird Jade, greeting clients as they enter the door.

We’re nearby the intersection of St Johns Rd and Old highway 100, we’re your local nature retreat spa right around the corner. Clients visit us from all over the local area, from Washington 63090, Union, Pacific, and St Clair, we’re less then 20 minutes drive to us from all these locations.

From Union MO it’s 15 minutes, If you’re coming from Union Mo, you’d simply head north on highway 47, then head East on MO-100 E until you reach the intersection of St. John’s Rd, go to the end of the road then take a left on old highway 100, then go about 100 yards and take first right onto first gravel driveway.

From Pacific Mo, it’s also about 15 minute drive, very easy to find us, just head down I-44/US-50 W for a few minutes, then get off on  exit 251 for MO-100 W toward Washington, go 6 miles then turn right onto St Johns Rd go to the end of the road then take a left on old highway 100, then go about 100 yards and take first right onto first gravel driveway. 

We’ll also send you GPS directions when you book a massage with us.  A link will be sent in your confirmation email, that will take you straight to our studio.

Our massage therapists are all board certified LMT Licensed Massage Therapists. We are trained in multiple modalities, click here to read a description of our massage techniques, our primary focus regardless of which modality you choose that we help you reduce pain and to feel relaxed and refreshed. We offer traditional massage such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, couples massage, sports massage, Craniosacral therapy etc.

Best Rated Massage Washington MO

Google Reviews, Best Massage Washington MO 63090, serving Union, Pacific, & St Clair Missouri Facebook reviews Massage in Union MO

We love what we do, and we think it shows, you can look at our reviews online and you’ll see that we are focused on service, an on attention to detail. We customize each treatment to be unique as each person is unique we believe so should their treatment protocols. For one person we might find they are of a certain body type, and tolerance to pressure. For another person they might be more active into sports we’d suggest a different treatment.

We also mix and match treatments during a session as part of the treatment protocol. No two session will be alike with us, as our therapists will focus in on trouble spots you’re having that day. A good therapist will adjust to you not the other way around. We focus on quality of service, we’re not a franchise so your well being is our primary motivation as to why we do the work we do.

So to recap here are some factors we take into consideration. This is also why we require a client intake form be completed by all new patients. One is for liability but also so that we can do as best a job as possible helping you feel great!

Factors we consider when suggesting your massage treatment

  • Age
  • Range of Motion
  • Injury or illness, *and how recent injury is
  • body type, or what they call in ayurvedic body types, so someone with lots of muscle for example will usually get more out of deep tissue etc, someone older with less muscle and limited range of motion we might do a light swedish massage, and or craniosacral therapy etc.
  • activity level
  • Injury- if you are currently in pain, need relaxation, fatigued, old injury acting up, sore from working out to hard etc?
  • mobility level – we have multiple options for people of limited mobility, we do chair massages, table, and also floor with a thai massage mat.
  • specific conditions- one massage modality type might be better then another for your specific situation. A specific technique may work better for one area of your body vs. another. Factors such as range of motion, pressure preference have an impact.  Your treatment will be adjusted to suit your preferences.
  • pain tolerance – even though one method may help release the issue your having it might not be comfortable for you. We will use an alternative method from our repertoire of skills we’ve developed over 10 years of experience.
  • time of year- what might work for you in the summer might fight feel too much in the winter. So we also adjust based on how you’re reacting to the seasons, temperature, light level, humidity. We take it all into account, and tune your therapy to get the best result.
  • traumas- life leaves few of us unscathed by difficult experiences. So we take any touch based traumas etc that might be triggering for you into account and adjust your treatment. We want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Dietary – are you a heavy coffee drinker, or smoker etc? We adjust your treatment so that you feel good from your massage treatment. It’s possible that if we’re too aggressive with releasing tension we also will release too much toxins. By releasing excessive toxins at one session you could feel dizzy and nauseous. so we pay attention to these things. We also ask that you drink plenty of water before and after treatment. Ideally if possible schedule it so you can take a nap after your session when you get back home.
  • more- there are other factors we consider as well when customizing your massage therapy protocol. Most of all we honor your uniqueness and we learn over time working with you what works.

We hope to see you soon! You can call us to setup your massage appointment. You can also book online easily, just click the “Book” link on this page. After you book you’ll receive a confirmation text and email reminding you of your upcoming massage appointment.

Visiting Washington MO?

If you’re visiting from out of town we recommend you call ahead at least a day in advance. By booking ahead we can make sure to book your Massage Washington MO location appointment.

Here’s a short list of venues in Washington, MO you won’t want to miss

  • Overnight stays in Washington MO, we think you’ll find the brick Inn a very nice place to stay
  • Restaurant- The Blue Duck is really good food
  • Site seeing, you can check out river when you’re downtown. We also have a historic museum. There are some unique attractions like the model train museum and more. Or take a tour of historic village called Fort Charrette.

We hope to see you soon when you are looking for a massage Washington mo next time! And don’t forget to check your email after booking you’ll receive a link to complete your online intake form. You’ll need to fill out our intake form online before arriving. Please be aware that if you’re late that time comes out of your massage session. We have a waiting room, restroom, ground floor access, parking is in rear of the studio. We hope you’ll find we’re the best massage in Washington Mo. If you do please leave us a positive review if you do we appreciate it!